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Our meat are obtained from cattle whose upbringing has been followed individually from their birth. The slaughter process is conducted in accordance with the rules of animal welfare, which grants our products with an exquisite quality.

Iberian pork:

Iberian pork has a very special flesh beacuse each of its parts offers a distinct flavor. Meats that are tasty and offer a delicious taste and noble meats like sirloin, 'presa', loin, 'secreto', 'pluma' or 'carrillada'.

Our meats have the following quality commitment seals

calidad certificada andalucía

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Presa ibérica

Iberian Boneless Shoulder (PRESA)
According to total weight.

Secreto ibérico

Iberian Boneless Armpit (SECRETO)
According to total weight.

Pluma ibérica

Iberian Loin Muscle (PLUMA)
According to total weight.

Lomo ibérico

According to total weight.

Carrillada ibérica

Iberian Pork Cheek (CARRILLADA)
According to total weight.