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We are in the food industry since 1884, making canned and packaged the best that we can get our coasts and our oceans from the Northwest of Spain.

We have been able to adapt to the new times, incorporating technology, innovate new products, controlling the quality strictly and based on international standards recognized, but above all, requiring us to be better every day.

We are present in the most demanding with our products markets, responding to our customers with quality, with an efficient service, with a dynamic distribution, with a production capacity that fits the demand and still large in that where ever we have developed our professional activity: food.

Thank you for trusting industries Cerdeimar.

1884 specialty food S.L. It is a Spanish company located in Camariñas, a village sailor of vital importance in the "Costa da Morte" (province of La Coruña). This project has been created by the family Cerdeiras, linked with the Sea World from generations ago, either as owners of fishing boats or as industrial canning.

They are already almost 130 years of countless experiences and learning, we intend to dump into the products we offer now. Because the range 1884 It aims to recover the craftsmanship of the traditional production of canned fish, supplementing it with the advantages that existing technologies can bring in terms of hygienic quality assurance health and to make your shopping experience to be more comfortable and closer.

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Cockles natural RR125

35/45 pieces

An aperitif flavored the traditional sea of Galicia mariscados by hand in the seabed of the ría de Camariñas.

Sardines Rías Gallegas 35-45 with 280 Virgin olive oil grams 1884

The sardine is one of the fish most typical and tasty gastronomy of the Galician Rias, with opening system and extra virgin and Virgin olive oil “abremuyfacil”.

Mussels of the Galician Rías (8/10) large Virgin olive oil pickled

Canned seafood with mussels in escabeche sauce base “the old”, homogeneous first quality parts with oil extra virgin and Virgin olive, in easy-open format.

Lot gift box wood

We present our selection of products in wooden box, our canned more exclusives for the holidays. Content: Scallops in sauce of Viera, tuna loins, Pocketknives Natural, mussels in Escabeche, Octopus, sardines.

Ria in olive oil sardines

Sardines in olive oil

Mackerel fillets in the South in olive oil

Spanish sauries in vegetable oil

Canned tuna

Fillets of tuna

Canned tuna

in olive oil, easy opening

Tuna in olive oil

Professional kitchen

Tuna bag clear

Bag of mackerel

Bag of squid

Cod bag